American Power Pop - We The Kings



We Are In The Crowd

American Pop Punk band We Are In The Crowd stopped by Kuala Lumpur a couple of days ago so I grabbed my X100 for a little test shot to see how it fairs out in music photography. Not too bad I must say. Here are the photos from the other day. Let me know what you think !



A Visit To Old Trafford


Early this January 2012, I took a trip to visit Old Trafford, home of the boys of Manchester United. Here are some photos from my visit. (Click to view a larger image).

Real World Review Coming Soon

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Happy New Year Dear Friends.

I hope all of you had an enjoyable new year's eve and managed to stay out of trouble.
In the last couple of months a lot has moved within the digital camera world particularly within the premium compacts followed by the semi-pro compacts and of course compacts (at least one is released every week I guess). Some of them were good and some of them were bad. I had to learn a very expensive lesson in 2010. It's called a ' G12 purchase '.

What is a 'G12 purchase' ?

In 2010 I purchased a Canon G12. Back then, after countless reviews and testing it myself, I was convinced that the G12 is THE camera to get. I wasn't quite accurate. Although it had a million functions to tweak my photos and explore my creativity, the problem is, it had a million functions which I will take half a minute to scroll through looking for which effect I might want to use and when I do decide on one, the picture was already gone. My dad is using it now. Heh.

So in looking for a compact camera that would some what perform close to a DSLR ( I had the 5D MK II not too long ago before I sold it off to a lady ) it was near impossible. To tell you the truth, no pro-compact cameras WITH a fixed focal length lens can perform as good as a DSLR. No there isn't. Really. Unless what I'm writing here gets outdated tomorrow. So what I'm actually looking for in a camera is

MORE PORTABLE THAN A DSLR i.e I do not have to carry a huge bag with a big sign on my forehead that says ' Hello I have a huge camera in my backpack '. I've been there and I've done that. I want the shutter to be silent and a camera that looks like it was from my dad's stash of retro goodies.

FINE TUNED FEATURES - BASIC IS GOOD i.e I do not want a million features in my camera with 20 page menus and 100 page sub-menus. What I want is a once in a life time set up and then focus on getting the image. I find fisheye, tint etc features utterly hopeless because you can do it all on photo editing software. Also iPhones and Androids are doing a way better job in tinting. What I need is specifically fine tuned settings e.g shutter speed of 1/56 because 1/60 is too dark and 1/30 gets me blur images. Stuffs like that.

DOES NOT ENCOURAGE ME TO BUY MORE LENSES i.e Stop me from spending any more money on buying more lenses and focus on getting the image. This is pretty much the most important thing really.

These 3 features may be a little uncommon because normally other reviews would say " I want a lightweight camera, portable, long battery life, nice colors, good grip " Whatever. I need those too in some way.

Therefore, I'm going to come back here in about a months time and tell you all about it.

See you in a month !