Bukit Tinggi - First Hill Challenge Since The 70s

Well this week, we take a look at some photos of the scenery at Bukit Tinggi

What was I doing standing at a hill on the way up to Bukit Tinggi?

A couple of attempts to get some nature shots

What was he doing walking around with a red tshirt and a pink cap?

What are all those cones doing on the road?

And for the first time ever, why isn't there any pictures of the French Village for visitors who goes up to Bukit Tinggi ?

Oh yes, if you are thinking what I'm thinking, then keep watch because it's definitely going to be beyond what you can expect !


Hanafiah al Adiyat said...

wei, laawa gila dow gamba ko, haha.serius best, serenity at its best ;-)

Simaaron said...

Thanks bro !