Shereen Michelle 2009 Series 1


I kicked off the Shereen Michelle photoshoot with the aim to achieve a higher personal goal in the high key fashion photography field while trying to minimize shooting time, number of shots and post processing time spent for every shot. Thanks you Mikael and Jenn for the quick advice 15 minutes before the shoot ! It's been a while since I attended a spontaneous portraiture shootout.

Thanks to brother Kweys and Eugene for the invitation.

And thank you Shereen for spending some time enduring the hot weather and the blazing sun light.

I'll be releasing these photos in sets not because I think that they are that damn good or that it is jolly good fun for me to keep you guys waiting and anticipating but it is because I have major engineering project datelines for the entire week.

Here are some of the photos. Hope you all enjoy them and please, do drop comments. It's always wonderful to know what's on your mind when you view my pictures. Cheerio !


Wengie said...

dead in the eyes
not ur fault

HitoMi^^ said...

Third one is nice ^^ B&W series is stunning!!