Studio 2105 and AXN with Cyril Takayama


Cyril Takayama heads down to Studio 2105 for more filming with the AXN crew and recording of PopShuvit's 'Magic Man' track. Here's a few photos of what happened at the studio and don't forget to check out that short video.

Intense Tweeting with the Blackberry Curve.

The Boss.

Here's a quick video I did which include, as said in my last post months ago, the Magic Man dancing. Surprisingly at such low lighting the video recording feature from the Nokia E71 could still come up with a pretty decent quality.

Audio tracks by
PopShuvit - Pump Up The Stereo
Chris Daughtry - Everytime You Turn Around
Anno Domini Beats - Theatrics


Name: Urbanae said...

I can't watch the video....You're with cyril in that studio too isit???

That's real cool!!!

Simaaron said...

Sorry. Was the YouTube setting. Video link is fixed now :)