MacBeth Footwear - The Brighton


MacBeth shoes are now available in Malaysia !

December, 2009 - MacBeth opened up a huge booth at Rock The World 9 concert event sponsoring 2 of Malaysia's most popular band PopShuvit and One Buck Short. And so I was sent by these 2 bands to head down to the MacBeth booth (slightly messed up cause of the rain and people pushing under the tent to get shelter) to grab a couple of pictures. Was thinking of checking out and getting one of em' T-shirts too but darn it there were so many people !

MacBeth footwear co-founded by Tom DeLonge known for fronting bands like Blink 182, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves.

Below is the Tom DeLonge MacBeth Studio Project - The Brighton and if that's what I think it is, Tom DeLonge's signature (correct me if I'm wrong) on the side of those shoes. You would wanna grab this 'Ay aS Ay Pea' cause it's going to be the next sold out sneakers in a couple of months time. (Birthday present hint alert XP!)

Find out more HERE

Here are some photos that I shot from the booth. I wish the conditions that day would allow me to get better pictures but it was just awful, wet and slightly muddy caused by the rain. Thank goodness these awesome pair of shoes were kept well !


Anonymous said...

Awesome shots hey can i ask a request can you take a pic of the midsole?thanks!