Tokyo, Japan. Gangima Tour w/ PopShuvit (part 6)

Just incase if you're wondering where were we for the last few posts, we are actually still in Shibuya City. Now did I mention about the music stores in Japan because it is definitely bigger than the ones you've seen in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you step into a guitar store, it's pretty much like a guitar sanctuary. The same goes for drums, acoustic guitars, amplifiers and so fourth. Now I think I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures in the stores but hey, can't miss this one chance while I'm here. We head down to some of the biggest music stores around Shibuya where rockstars from all over the world have shopped.

The 246 Guitar store. Single floor for acoustic guitars, another floor for bass guitars and so fourth. The whole building is filled with guitars. Go crazy !

And then there's KEY Music. Awesome place with tonnes of stuffs.

Fenders only store.

Couldn't recall which music store was this but all the stores are pretty much something like this.

Drum station. Look at all the snares ranging from customs to titanium finish snares. Talk about rare and collectibles, you can go blind !

With that kind of marketing for music in Shibuya, it is not strange to find atleast 1 in 20 person walking around Shibuya street carrying a guitar case. There's live performances on the street and so fourth.

And then we're off too lunch. Becky had a great meal with her friend's parents !

While I went for ... umm ... this.

This wasn't where the ramen above came from but yeah, check out their stalls. Everything pretty much resembles a vending machine !

Thank you for viewing. I'm off to bed now. More work to be done tomorrow ! Keep check !