Evening Photos From Japan

I've been trying to keep a balance between project work, personal life and photography. It was almost 7 months ago that I was in Japan with Becky and one of Malaysia's most successful music band, Popshuvit. It was a good opportunity to capture a few photos of Shibuya City although it was a really short trip. There's still quite a lot of photos from Japan. Here's some more photos from Japan.

Took some time to play around with the tilt shift effect.

Adidas Concept Store in Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan.

Yoshinoya - More or less like a fast food chain restaurant. You'll see one within a 3 block radius of the city I think.


hitomi said...

Woo, the pretty girl, your friend eh?

I like the car car. Tilt shift makes it look like toy car, is it what it supposed to be?