is now LIVE !

And so, I am happy to announce that is now officially online and you can visit it by clicking the picture below.

My web engineer Dan Shader and myself have been working hard on designing the web. Dan Shader will continue to work on the web (so that we can move over completely to 'add-free' status) therefore, in the mean time, I've decided to fall back on the Wix Editor. It's a superb tool and it is giving me the results that I've always wanted. I don't quite fancy the toolbar advert below but hey, I'm on a budget and I do not plan to spend a huge amount of money on a website.

Yes I had to design everything from scratch myself and it took me quite a while. Now that it is here, I have one less thing to worry about ! Hoorah !

So hey, here we go !


Rudy's Lightroom said...

nice one bro! ada jual stock photo lagi..hahah

Rudy's Lightroom said...

Nice one bro. Ada jual stock photo lagi! hahah