Sundays Record (Australia)


Indeed the blog update has been pretty slow and I'm looking forward to be back into the photography scene again end of May. I've been doing a couple of test shots with upcoming bands in the country and perhaps when the opportunity comes, it'll be nice to work with international bands.

Few weeks ago I manage to catch this 3 man band from Newcastle, Australia. I was at KL Life Centre (or was it Live Centre?) to let off some steam from project work. Couldn't be bothered with long telephoto lenses as I could get onto the stage if I wanted to. I shot this band, Sundays Record with the Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye most of the time. Here are a few photos and you can view the complete set on my portfolio web WWW.SIMAARON.COM

I'll continue with my photos from Tokyo, Japan from last summer so keep watching !