Tokio Hotel Live In Malaysia


The photos for Tokio Hotel are up at my flash site. Click on any of the photo below and it will directly take you there. Click Live Concerts and then Tokio Hotel (Germany). The flash web may be a little slow depending on where you are accessing it from. You can always drop your comments on this post using the open ID function.

It wasn't the best stage lighting for a band that hit platinum across Europe. And I was having a hard time trying to squeeze in between other photographers while trying to get a shot free from the stage props (e.g monitors etc). Then again I think the sponsors did a great job by bringing them here. The back line was superb though I would leave the back stage opinions to the musicians.

Incase you're wondering if I brought the entire arsenal of mine from home, no I did not. I brought what was necessary and the right focal lengths for the shots that I already imagined in my head before I got there. I was interchanging between the 24mm and 85mm focals. For a 3 minute shoot, it turned out pretty good.

Thanks to YZ International for the passes and Adrian YCL for his lenses.