Back! Frm GANGIMA 5th Anniversary Tour 2009

Special Thanks To : Popshuvit & Celcom XPAX. Quick shoutout to host - Uzumaki crew !

I am back.

This weekend (my friend Bex and) I flew all the way to Tokyo, Japan for this, Gangima 5th Anniversaty Tour 2009. So for the next few weeks, there's gonna be pictures from this event featuring a few of Japanese biggest rock bands


and not forgetting our very own and in my opinion the best Malaysian export band POPSHUVIT.

Also, I'll be having a special column on travel (besides the music, fashion and cars) to share about the quick weekend plus an invaluable experience with CYRIL TAKAYAMA (trust me, youtube him right now). 3000 pictures to sort out so hold on to this blog address alright.

Expect behind the scene shots that you have never seen before and insight on how rockstars roll in Japan.

I need some sleep now. My ears are still ringing !


Aliana Rhea said...

Dude! I can't wait for this set! U told me the lighting was harsh but there is only one Simaaron I know who can turn setbacks to opportunities!

Fred.D said...

Damn! Japan?! Going big now! You're the only photographer I know who would hang upside down to get an out of this world shot. Show me some stuff from Japan son! Holla frm NY -Fred

simaaron said...

@ Aliana

Ahaha. Thank ali. The set is out and more to come. Keep check.

@ Fred

DUDE ! The upside down part and flinging the camera to catch a crowd surf incident stays where it should stay alright. great to hear from you again and am feckin proud you're checking out this photoblog !! Big time beat sampler in the house!~ ,and stop calling me son (haha).