GANGIMA 5th Anny Tour 2009 - POPSHUVIT


Last weekend I was 3000 miles away from home at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. I spent the last 2 days after returning sorting out over 3000 photos. The event was hosted by the UZUMAKI crew at CLUB ASIA featuring UZUMAKI themselves, GARI, RIZE, BOMB FACTORY and our very own Malaysian rock band POPSHUVIT.

I did not manage to get photos of the bands setting up/sound check (as I was in Akihabara with Bex looking for my Japanese robots!) however I do have some backstage photos which I'll be posting up soon but for now, check out these photos I took when POPSHUVIT from Malaysia rock the sold out show at Club Asia that night.

PopShuvit Frontman Moots - Creative stuffs coming from this man

Popshuvit rock the socks out of Club Asia that night.

Popshuvit bassist A.J and Guitarist JD

Now who said our local bands can't go international? I hope these guys would inspire upcoming bands. We had the edge that night thanks to sound engineer Anthony mixing right at the back. Well done!


nikorg said...


Project EAR MARABAHAYA is one of the best music i ever heard!


Myra said...

Look at ya !! Gosh, don't hv to be so modest alright. your photos are crazy. speak up more, you were so quiet the last time we met. Keep up the good work!!~


simaaron said...

@ nikorg

South East Asia getting together bro. Great stuff coming from the Project EAR.

@ Myra

I'm glad you like those pictures. Well I need some time to warm up you see, then you will have to figure out a way to shut me up after =P

ruth tan said...

good work :)