On The Deck w/ DJ Joey G (Simaaron B&W Sephia)


Saturday night I was out with DJ Joey G at Club BarCelona, Sunway Pyra to do a quick shoot of him spinning a 60 minute set at DIGI Birthday Bash. Some of you might have caught me wearing ear plugs, that's because I was very near to the speakers and I would like to save my ears as I use it to listen to fine voices of ...... gossip and of course I play music too ! Just kidding there bout the gossip.

After watching him, now I wanna go to his school and learn from him how to work the deck too Busy hands are good. What else can I say, the mix masta' blew me with his 60 minute mix !

Here are some photos in the very typical Simaaron B&W and Sephia style. Hope you guys like it.

The deck at BarCelona.

The next mixtape cover.

Caught in the moment.

DJ Joey G kicking things off.

The crowd.

Epic ending to the mix.

Thank you for viewing the photos. Color photos are up next ! So keep check !