Hari Raya With Cyril Takayama


" Arehhhh???!!! "
is probably the expression you will get from Japanese girls when Cyril performs his magic in the streets of Japan.

" OMG (clicks the replay button on Youtube) "
is what I'd do when watching his videos on Youtube.

" ....... (stunned with a jaw dropping expression) EH, how did you do that la? .... "
is the expression of most of us when we were at this open house couple of weeks back when he showed us his magic.

That's right. About a week ago, I head up to Bukit Damansara for PopShuvit's raya open house with Cyril Takayama's AXN episode shoot. He's touring Asia filming episodes for his show on AXN so look out for him if he is at a town near you !

If you are expecting some videos or pictures of him performing his magic, I would have to disappoint you by saying no, I do not have any of them as we are all not allowed to take pics or vids during the filming. On the other hand, you could catch his episodes on AXN in November.

However, I do have some backstage videos of the AXN crew playing around in the studio and Cyril himself dancing to the song MAGIC MAN by PopShuvit.

It's really good to see him again since Gangima Nights' dinner at Tokyo, Japan.

Here are some photos that I took when I was at the open house.

DJ Fuzz making the kuih raya disappear.

The Raya cake and the butter & vanilla icing cake baked by Nina.

Ean enjoying the butter cake very much.

Rudy on the cam. I wonder how I would look like when I'm taking pictures.

" Believe In Magic "

A little Sony moment with Lynn

I was anticipating this moment ever since I left Tokyo and I've been wanting to see his magic live! Thanks to the boys from PopShuvit for this invitation. Appreciate it alot and the food was good too. Hehe. More photos later after we hit the studio.