Tokyo, Japan. Gangima Tour w/ PopShuvit (part 1)


Narita Airport, Tokyo.

Last summer, Becky and I visited Tokyo, Japan thanks to the boys from PopShuvit and sponsors, Celcom XPAX. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to catch them perform live at Club Asia, Shibuya, their last stop of the Gangima Tour 2009 before flying back to Malaysia.

Here are some of the photos of the trip and I'll update in parts because I've so much to share !!

Narita Airport is located pretty much like KLIA and Kuala Lumpur. It's far alright to the city.

Ooh! A Japanese bus! XP

Mmm. Bus ride is definitely not an option.

Emoticon and Friend.
Meanwhile, Edwin Raj takes a break in what we might not see in Malaysia, a smoking booth! (Edwin Raj was our tour-guide and finance minister for transportation costs. Cheers Ed!)

Now how do we get to Shibuya? ... Kensei Line?

Or how about this. Narita Express. Say, I see the Shinkansen.

Check out the ticket booth !

Onward to find the right railway line to Shibuya !

Japan Railway companies were born in 1987, when Japanese National Railways was privatized, and then divided into 6 regional companies and Japan Freight Railway Company. Although Japan Rail was split into 6 companies, fares and regulations are standard for all companies and every region of Japan except Okinawa is covered by the railway network spanning approximately 12,400 miles.

We should change our system to a one fare one destination system, I felt so much easier as a tourist to move around in the city !