My Web Engineer Is Busy Making A Robotic Tank


Oh that's right. My web engineer, who lives in the next room is busy with his robotic tank project and I dare not bug him to finish up my web. Well he will finish it eventually before Christmas. As promised, he will be treated with 10 Dorayakis and I'll give him extra incentives for a job well done. (That's if his robotic thank doesn't comes into my room and start destroying my stuffs).

Alternatively, I will re-route to

Good news ! For a html blind person like me, I've manage to get this blog linked to the web so, only the blog link is working for now. (Owh I did the flash by the way. Wee, an achievement!)


WWW.SIMAARON.COM - Temporary Web.

Furthermore, if you are interested in purchasing large prints, do drop in MyDeviantart page to get a full view of the picture that you would like to have.

Again, thank you and I appreciate all of your visits and to those who has subscribed to this page !