Clive-Turn It Up at 7atenine The Ascott with DJ Joey G and DJ Gabriel

Last week I head down to The Ascott, Kuala Lumpur for a quick shoot out at 7atenine with Joey G. A little last minute call up but I'd snap anything to get out of project stress. Had the opportunity to meet up with DJ Gabriel as well. Here's some photos of the Clive - Turn It Up Masquerade event at 7atenine. More photos later !


Arliexzter Szereal said...

hello there Aaron Sim, I'm Arliexzter. Just wanted to note that the icrcular blurry backdrop and clear, still subjects photos u made was just what I wanted to do. By using a compact digi, i find it quite hard to do it, and somtimes it comes out only nice thru accidental miracles. So, care to leave me a contact or whatever possible to communicate? Thanks alot.