Simaaron Featured On The Star R.AGE

Sharing the 2 page spread column with 2 other young and very talented photographers.

2 days ago, Simaaron got featured in the youth section in one of Malaysia's biggest newspaper company, The Star. Many thanks to columnist Ian Yee for the opportunity ! If you missed out on the print of Wednesday's The Star R.AGE column, you may find the write up post here instead.

Left: A shot of DJ Joey G. Right: Photo taken by Bargo Photography. Your hero in action which has nothing to do with music photography at all. I now realized how little pictures I have of myself.
With the boys from PopShuvit. From left: Guitarist JD, Frontman Moots, Drummer Rudy and DJ Uno. Bassist A.J not in the picture (cause I think he went off right away for another gig)

Thank you everyone for supporting my photo works and for the many opportunities and privileges that you have given me, that is to photograph you ! Hopefully more features in 2010 ! Hoo-ah !

Correction: Chemical Engineering and not Mechanical Engineering. Hehe !