Tokyo, Japan, Gangima Night Part 1

We take a few steps back to the month of August 2009. End of August actually where Becky and I were in Tokyo, Japan with the boys from PopShuvit. Well, Ryan (far left in the picture below) filled in for Rudy because Rudy was welcoming his beautiful baby girl in to this world. I must say it's a small world indeed because Ryan and myself have a few common friends and of all the places to meet him, it was in Japan thanks to PopShuvit and Celcom Xpax.

Here are some of the photos taken right before PopShuvit performed in Club Asia, Shibuya. The place wasn't so far from where all of us were staying. More like, "Walk 100 meters to the right of this picture," and there it was. To the left is the ramen shop and further down there's a Korean restaurant, which I'll explain in later posts on how we got there and how it relates to the whole AMAZING evening.

Taken outside Shibuya City Hotel, Tokyo Japan right before we head up to Club Asia for Gangima Night. Left to right, Ryan, AJ, Anthony of Big A Productions, Becky, Myself, Jd, Uno and Moots.

Waiting for everyone to gather up. I forgot who we were waiting for again. That's Yaniz of Yaniz International, the band manager of Popshuvit.

Ryan, filling in for Rudy this time around. Last minute writing. Check out the Converse shoes and Uno's HUGE Nike Dunks !

Oh shoots, it's 5am. Got a coursework to submit by 10am so I'll check back in 24 hours with more photos !