Tokyo, Japan. Gangima Night Part 2

Here's a few more photos on what actually happens backstage before a rock show starts. Lightings backstage were really, really harsh.

Basically we were pretty much mixing around with other bands, talking, fooling around a little bit, taking lots of pictures and just enjoy the atmosphere backstage. It was one experience I would never forget. Look at it this way, guys from PopShuvit, Tokyo, Club Asia, backstage of a rock concert and with some of the greatest J-Rock bands.

I manage to catch performances from UZUMAKI, GARI, BOMB FACTORY, a quick moment with Jesse from RIZE and of course our very own POPSHUVIT.

DJ Uno - Onward to the backstage !

Some of the other guys in the chill out room. That's Uno and AJ. The lad with the hat is the MC for the night and the other nice guy, he's a rocker =)

A.J - Bassist of PopShuvit with Fujimoto - Bassist of Japanese Band G.A.R.I

Mr.Fujimoto !

" Look at the length of his tongue !" G.A.R.I guitarist.

Waiting to get on stage.

Becky enjoying herself very much.

DJ Uno and Edwin Raj

Duutch - Drummer of Japanese Band UZUMAKI

More pictures in the next coming post !