Bus Company - Haiti Lifeline Charity at Nottingham U. Malaysia

"Tsunami alerts all over the world right now as moments ago, an earthquake hit Chile touching the 8.8 scale which was larger than the one measured in Haiti. I urge all of you to pray for the safety of the people in Chile and for the people around the world that the huge tsunami waves will dissolve under the sea and not cause any further destruction to planet earth. I am extremely worried as I have friends and relatives living in different parts of the world,"

A few days ago, Bus Company came down to Nottingham University Malaysia to perform and help raise funds for the Haiti earthquake tragedy. Here are some photos from the performance and it was really nice meeting their official photographer Adrian Yap. He is pretty much a young lad with a lot of talent waiting to burst out into the photography field. I look forward for a collaboration with him sometime in the near future.


Sam Oh said...

Dude! Such awesome photos! Really admire your work. Wicked shots and editing skills man. Hope to catch you at another gig soon. Cheers!

Simaaron said...

Thank you ! :)