Sean Kingston


Sold Out Arthur's Day Celebration In Malaysia

Arthur's Day Celebration 2010 Photo Series

Sean Kingston

Follow Up Post - Check out the photos of Sean Kingston from Shout Awards last year

Flo Rida
Wondering Backstage and On Stage

About a year ago Sean Kingston was in Kuala Lumpur to perform at ShoutAwards. He walked pass be backstage, I shook his hand and did not realise who he was until thee two girls who saw me shaking his hand threw me a surprised look and said ' Oh my gawd, that's Sean Kingston '. And so I missed a photo opportunity with him.

This year, he is back to perform at Arthur's Day. I bump into him at Sunway Pyramid, talked to him, shook his hand and forgot to take a photo. Another photo opportunity gone. I was also afraid of his >6 foot bodyguard. Anyway, some of the best and sharpest shots of him performing were from last year. I do not intend to repeat my shots therefore these few photos are from a different angle.

" I've been trying to move my music photography to shots that showed more emotions. It's getting there but I do not know at what speed. Every summer, I throw hundreds of ideas on the wall hoping that something would actually stick. The month of October is filled with weddings and therefore the lovey dovey photography mindset has to set in.

Juggling between being an engineer on weekdays and a photographer on weekends is tough but I thank God for his grace and blessings and I thank her for the wonderful support.

On a quick note, I'll be releasing some of my music photos as exclusive and limited prints. Interested in purchasing a particular print ? Please do not hesitate to drop me an email or a message on the chat box below. Have a great weekend ! "