The Balance In The Force


Important note : The Yoda image has nothing to do with Canon at all. It is merely being photoshopped for this post's purpose only.

As we know, the country might just be heading for its election much earlier than expected. Apparently, our economy is doing fantastic. This all sounds very sensible but because I've experienced a number of continuous disappointments, I doubt I'll put much into this one.

Good news is gadgety-gadgets might just go for cheap next year, as revealed in the new budget but I just cannot wait any longer. Even if it means paying 15% tax on imaging products, then so be it.

Here's why. Ever since I took this Yoda-ma-jiggy tool for a spin, I've been having sleepless nights. And as most of you may already know, the Canon 5d MK II. I've been fighting Canon 'all my life' and here I am having a Darth Vader-Luke Skywalker moment. A tad earlier ofcourse than poor old Vader. He had to lose his arm before he brought balance back to the force.

It's extremely annoying. You've been snapping away with your current tool and editing those photos to be as good as possible, spending countless period of your life making it perfect, and suddenly came along this tool that gets the job done at that instant! It simply works for you there and then. Every time I get behind a new piece of Nikon glass, oh gawd, it gives you that hope, that one last hurrah from this leviathan to assure you that the darkside is the pathway to many powers.

So it's back to the financial board. I am no longer performing liposuction on fat. I'm cutting away bone and muscle. Important stuff. This then boils down to the biggest question just before the end of 2010 which many of you would ask

Why jump ship ?

I hated the term 'jump ship'. If jumping ships was a major sin then I would have been crucified more than once.

The History.

A long time ago ... far away in the galaxy .....

I started photography with this awkward ugly piece of thing, the Fujica SLR. It's film all right and every time you load a film in, you have to make sure you turn the ISO dial to the film's ISO that you bought. And then you look in that view finder, of course everything looks fine and dandy so you click the snap button, mirror flips and when the photos are out, they were all black.

I then played with the compact camera for most my years growing up as a teen. 4 years ago I went into those large cameras you see kids hanging around their necks today. New blings I call it. I started off with the help of a French man, Malik.B. He was kind enough to lend me his Olympus e-510 and boy I was brave. Covered an entire fashion event with the 14-42mm and 40-150mm Zuiko lenses. Results ? Wasn't that bad.

And then there was the Canon 350D and Canon 400D with the 18-55mm lens. Those cameras were huge to me at that time. I was a young boy, nearly joining Yoda on a quest with a Canon 40D. I even had the opportunity to train with an Indonesian fashion photographer using the Canon 1D series. Along the way, just like Anakin, I was tempted to join the dark side.

I bought the Nikon D300 2 years ago and it served me well. Beyond well really. Took me to places that I never thought I would be able to go and meet people that I could never imagine. Top of the line crop frame DSLR camera. What more can I ask for? They call it the ultimate DX camera from Nikon. The flagship. I told myself that I could use this camera for life. There is no need for an upgrade except buying new lenses. I was right on the lenses part but wrong on the body.

The Reason.

It is basic finance calculations. My main objective is to move to the full frame zone as the assignments I receive today are much more demanding and it gets more demanding from month to month. I need something that could reduce, significantly, my time spent on editing those photographs. Full frame is the answer and it is easier on the pocket to jump ship rather than to go for Nikon FX.

(I spent many sleepless night working on the finances)


It appears that I will most likely return to the force. The simple truth ?

If you're a Canon user, you will jump to Nikon.
If you're a Nikon user, you will jump to Canon.

I do have to sacrifice a number of technologies once I join Yoda. (You know how it is in the Jedi, you can't use this, you can't use that). I suppose I will be missing the following;

  • 51 AF points + 3D tracking.
  • Grid lines and horizon.
  • Built-in CA management.
  • Ability to cap auto ISO.
  • Every other colour except red.
  • Nikon CLS System.

And this battle that begun long before the war in the middle east will never cease until one of them decides to join the agriculture industry. Therefore I now present to you my lovely set, the set that took me to Japan, the set that took photos which appeared in various magazines across the world, the set that help me make new friends and the set that brought my photography to a whole new level,

1. 1x NIKON D300 BODY
Condition : 9/10. Fully Functional
Warranty : No more
Nikon Screen Protector and everything else that's in the D300 Box.

Condition : 7.5/10. Fully Functional
There is a light scratch on the corner as seen in the photo.
Warranty : No more
AA Battery Tray, Pouch for the tray and everything else that's in the MB-D10 Box.

1x EN-EL3E Battery (Came with camera - 100% Charge Capacity)
1x EN-EL3E Battery (Bought July 2010 - 100% Charge Capacity)

Due to the inseparable D300 and MB-D10 since birth, I would love to see them go together.


2. NIKON 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 VR 1 + Filter (Cannot recall brand name as it came with the lens).
Condition : 8.5/10. Fully Functional
Warranty : No more
Everything else that's in the lens box.

PRICE : RM 1850

3. NIKON 50mm F1.8 + Raydawn Filter
Condition : 9/10. Fully Functional
Warranty : No more
Everything else that's in the lens box.

PRICE : RM 290

4. NIKON SB-800
Condition : 9/10. Fully Functional.
Warranty : No more
Everything else that's in the flash box. Pouch, 5th battery slot etc.

PRICE : RM 1100

Take all for RM 6840

All prices are firm. Drop me a mail at

My apologies if there were mistakes in my English grammar. Been writing technical essays for the last 4 years.

All images from Google Search.