Two Light Source And 10 Minutes


Over the winter, I sit in front of my fire place sipping my hot Milo trying to figure out what I could come up with for the new year. I switched system, I have no lens and I no longer have the CLS system with me. Worry not, I tell myself. I'll have to get some other light source for the mean time. What ever light that I can get !

I know how some of you would want to see the behind-the-scene stuff but I really don't have much time to come up with something organised. There's a couple more sessions coming up so I'll make this a quick one. This isn't exactly a tutorial, some of you could even pull this off better than I can. My lighting laws may be wrong. I do what I can with what I have to get the shot that I want.

This is pretty much what reality has to offer and how I manipulate what I can to come up with an image. I do not know the rules from text book. I just fit in what I can to get the desired effect. For now, I offer to you my recent session with Anthony Noel, CEO Producer of BIG A Productions.

Anthony is a very busy man. We somewhat manage to squeeze a studio interior shoot and one portraiture shoot in between his recording schedule. In fact, on that day, he had to get a guitar track done for Meet Uncle Hussain. I wanted to keep things simple for this shot.

I added one light source from the left which feathers to the back of the LCD and the back of his head and another light source high above the camera to get a nice fill and to give the 2 audio speakers some highlight. And a black 'screen' to absorb some of the light to avoid reflection.

Took a couple of shots and it's done !

Why am I sharing this ? It's simple. Because I care ! I would like to learn from you too so do drop in your comments on this one. I know it isn't perfect or something a lighting yoda would do but at least it's what I wanted.

Cheers and until then, take care !

thanks to Jason.L for the tripod, lighting and the lens.