Deftones Live


Here are some of my best photos from the performance. Simply put, Deftones has one of the best front man I've ever seen !

I got a call me mate Peteh, 4 hours before the show if I was interested in snapping some photographs at the Deftones concert. Why not ? About time I tested the Canon Mark II in concert lighting conditions. I gladly say yes and hung up only to realize that I actually don't have any lenses !  have only the Canon 50mm. All the shots you see in this post were shot with a fixed focal length lens.

Chino Moreno is one awesome front man. Two words. Endless, Energy. It was a joy photographing Deftones. Enjoy the photos. One more thing, just in case you're wondering where's the photo of the drummer and the bassist ? I couldn't get them or maybe I did but some other bloke jumped into my frame in the photographer's box.