Bravo One One - Series


The steady march of new and more affordable cameras in the photo biz often makes my head spin. I am having a hard time keeping up with the latest technology in cameras. Waking up to this morning's update, photographers can now capture an image first and decide on the focus later. I hope it is not for a mind-bending sum because it would come in really handy for someone who doesn't bother to turn the focus ring any more - engineers especially.

While I was out at sea the other day, I did not have the luxury of choosing what camera I wanted to use or what lens would I prefer. It was either a mid-range entry level Canon camera or a Nikon and they don't come with a fancy lens either. I had my fair share of concert and club photography and most of the photos are what you see on my SpaceBook and MyFace. I'd like to share something different, photographs that even the best photographers out there would probably never be able to experience or capture. Welcome to the rig.

Note : All photography on site has been done with an approve permit and from a safe location. Photographs have been filtered before publishing to avoid any confidential equipments/design from being shown.

Lines, lines and more lines.

Strobes ? What strobes ?


When stress gets the better of you.

A 52mm lens cap, AA Eneloops and what not would fall right through those steel gratings.