Yoda Mark II Bids Farewell. Hello Others.


Last November (2010), I bid farewell to my good ol' Nikon D300. Ultimate DX camera, unbeatable (I take it that the Nikon D300s was just an equivalent sibling with an extra kidney). Nevertheless, I blogged about jumping ship, balance in the force, Yoda Mark II and Darth Vikon. (Refer to Balance In The Force)

This year (2011) however, I've decided to let Yoda Mark II go. Puzzled you are. My new role as an operations engineer has not given me even a tiny peek out of the window. And things are just getting busier. Music photography what ? Concerts what ? But am I missing out all the fun ? I don't think so. I've come to realise that I am falling back to street photography and documentary-ish photography. No I am not getting old. Wiser perhaps.

Yoda Mark II barely hit 3000 shots. Deftones was the only concert photographed using the Mark II, a couple of weddings, a couple of cars and the rest of the time, it stayed in a cold dark cave. Way too much money was in that cave and I am also in need of a smaller and easier to carry-around camera. Will I buy another DSLR in the near future ? I suppose not unless it could pour me wine, do my laundry and wash my car.

Digital Image from Canon Rumours Website.

So you might ask, what is my new found love ? The Fuji X100 ? It's pretty obvious I'd go for one if my finances allow me to. Overpriced ? Under-powered ? Burn the technical sheets because it's worth every penny.

I still love photography. No doubt about that at all but time is not exactly on my side at the moment. After 3-4 years of non-stop photography, I can share with you this, the camera will never make you a better photographer. Ever.

p/s : New photos coming soon. I'm back to the days where I simply pick any camera and shoot.