GANGIMA 5th Anny Tour 2009 - GARI (JAPAN)


GARI Front-man Yow-Row on the vocals

Sometimes, publicity and marketing for a music band is so good that it led some people to believe that average international bands are actually making great music. If you've never gone through the whole publicity part, you might not even pick them out for a listen.

GARI is one band that I've not heard of until a fortnight ago when they played live in Club Asia Tokyo, Japan. GARI is an electronic band or more so like Club/Electro/Rock - That's the genre they're in or what most people would call, mixture. Yes I might not pick up their CD from HMV by just looking at the cover of it however, if you just pause and take a listen, their sound amazes me.

I consider myself blessed to be able to meet these guys in-person and listen to their sounds for the first time, LIVE. Smokey and bad lighting condition is not stopping me from getting a couple of shots. Here are some of the photos that I've manage to get.

Check out Yutaka Dokko's headless guitar. Direct plug-in to ProTools, so I've heard.

GARI Bassist Naoki Fujimoto - We sort of chatted, though we didn't understand each other. Loads of hand signals but he's a very polite and nice guy. I think we showed more thumbs up and smiles to each other above everything else..


Su Anne said...

Blog walkin'. Love the vocalist shot and the headless guitar !!