Toyota Supra (1000bhp)


" I'll follow up with the pictures from Japan after this one! "

This is what happens when you have DaVinci interfering Darwin's work

Ooh, the cynical and Brit sarcasm writing style is back. I think all of us assume that evolution is a long and dragging affair and that it took many years for the gorillasaurus to mutate into what might be the person sitting next to you right now. But new evidence from ... me, suggests that evolution in fact moves at what might be a flick of time.

For example, my mom presses the keypad of her blackberry with her index finger while my sister is way off pressing with her left and right thumbs. Of course, those of a little less comfortable with the move to the new age will now be thumping the newspaper in a harrumphing tone about their ne-var do-well teenagers that "If the BB's black box of witchcraft and wizardry can play havoc with the hand, imagine what it can do to the brain,".

Well, I'm sorry to rant it all out all over you due to happenings of yesterdays, but let me assure you that there will be pictures along the way to help you escape from this bizarre boredom of words you find in this posts. But anyhow, car modding is endless. It is the same as Monopoly, except Monopoly is like the middle east, well there is no end to it. I truly believe that people who can finish a game of Monopoly has overcome multiple levels of boredom to a point where it can drive a man mad. And the rules were never clear to me. So where does the money from income tax goes to? If it goes to the bank then will I get it back if I stop at a free parking? And since it's a bank, can I loan some money if I stepped on Mayfair with 4 hotels on it? There was once a manual for Monopoly but I'm afraid it was lost in 1969.

This then brings me to the 1000, yes one-thou-sand, bhp Toyota Supra.

What's under the hood is probably what I think a massive compressor borrowed from a jet fighter and pipings and tubings of a fire hydrant. In the middle, quietly sits (well when it's turn off that is) a little orange 'qube' that conjures performance that would trigger car alarms as it goes by. On the inside, there is no satellite navigation, no cruise control, no fingertip remote system, you definitely wont be needing a stereo, no cup holders and the seats have all the body to butt-hugging grip of Michael Schumacher's F1 chair.

Now then, here are the pictures from the set taken couple of weeks back. (For more detail photos of the interior and engine of the car, catch it at my Facebook page Simaaron Photography)

Special thanks to POWERQUBE