Thaitanium Arthur's Day


Sold Out Arthur's Day Celebration in Malaysia.

Arthur's Day Celebration 2010 Photo Series


Mizz Nina & Colby O'Donis with DJ Fuzz On The Deck
Sean Kingston & Flo Rida
Wondering Backstage and On Stage

Here are some of the photos of the awesome hip hop band form Thailand, Thaitanium performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hmm, now if only I could get the CD since there are limited amount of tracks on Grooveshark.

Check out the black and white photos of Thaitanium HERE !

" I'm still playing DJayBuddah's CD in my car. Ahh, 2 days to get this post up. Now if only I could get hold of Thaitanium's cd. Interview for some day job tomorrow. Looks like I'm about to join in the rat race - part time though. I suppose anything that can make that little extra dough would help. Plus it keeps me busy on weekdays and I still get to take photos on weekends. Something to look forward to besides a 9-5 job."


Chuen said...

awesome! :)